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Handgun Training


BASIC HANDGUN  : View Courses Like This

Basic Handgun is taught at our indoor handgun range in Inwood WV, and is a 8 hour fundementals course designed for new shooters or experience shooters who want a review. The course follows an NRA style format, beginning with a detailed lecture on handgun types, design, theory & function.  The student is then introduced to the dynamic world of ammunition and its application for various types of shooting applications. Eye dominance is determined followed by a detailed lecture on the six fundamentals of shooting.  The lecture concludes with maintenance/cleaning , safe use, storage and transportation guidelines.  After the exam, a 1 hour WV Concealed Carry Law presentation is performed by a local LE officer or Attorney.  This allows the students seeking a WV Concealed Carry Permit to ask questions pertaining to their rights.  Finally, a shooting qualification concludes the course in which each student must score a 70% or greater score.  Each student is allowed a maximum of 100rnds of ammunition to score 7/10 in a 12in. circle at 21ft. A 70% or greater score on the open book test and the shooting qualification must be obtained to receive a signed certificate of completion for 8 hours of training.   This course qualifies the student. for a WV Concealed Carry Permit.


 HANDGUN II: Defensive Handgun Basics View Courses Like This

Handgun II is taught at our new firearms training center located in Bloomery WV.  It is an 8 hour introductory course for students who have been consistently shooting for several years and are serious about carrying a concealed handgun.  A basic understanding of the fundamentals of shooting, along with good marksmanship skills are required to take this course. The class starts with a 2 hour lecture on topics such as types of concealed carry firearms, advantages/disadvantages of each, ammunition, modes of concealing a handgun and real world statistics and realistic encounters.  The entire course is focused on the safe and proper presentation of a handgun from a holster (either concealed or not concealed). After a successful “skills evaluation exercise”, the student is introduced to several types of gun malfunctions, proper reloading techniques, proper gun manipulation,  multiple shot and multiple target engagements.  The student is introduced to the use of steel targets, instilling an instant, positive feedback.  Finally, a brief exercise on the use of cover and single handed shooting is introduced followed by a “real world” problem the student must successfully solve.  Upon successful completion of all shooting exercises, the student will receive a signed 8 hour course completion certificate.  350rds required (PRE-REQUISITE: BASIC HANDGUN or permission).

HANDGUN IIIDefensive Handgun Concepts View Courses Like This 

Handgun III  is an 8 hour intermediate shooting course designed around defensive shooting concepts introduced in  Handgun II.  A strong understanding of the basic fundamentals of shooting are expected and required to take this course.  The class starts with a brief lecture and standard warm-up drills, then quickly moves  to more advanced defensive shooting exercises.  The student will be critiqued individually on the proper use of various types of cover (vertical & horizontal). Additional shooting positions are introduce, along with movement in all directions.  Heavy emphasis is placed on single handed shooting, from both strong and weak side.  The student will be introduced to multi-directional movement, moving targets, pop up targets and non-standard distance engagements.  The class will conclude with a “understanding of concept” drill in a situational type exercise.  Each student who safely completes each exercise will receive a 8 hour certificate of completion.   (PRE-REQUISITE: HANDGUN II ) 500rds Req.


Handgun IV is an advanced handgun course and is the APEX of the Valley Guns II defensive handgun courses.  Students are expected to utilize skills, concepts and techniques taught in prior handgun courses (HG II & III) to solve real defensive shooting problems.  The course starts with standard warm up drills followed by an in depth review of previously learned defensive exercises.  Students quickly move to applying these skills in realistic style scenarios.  Additional non-standard shooting positions are introduced. Students will further perfect their skills shooting from, through and around vehicles. Timed drills and speed drills are used to evaluate performance. Additional layers of stress are added to exercises as students progress through the day.  The course concludes with a “application of skill” drill where students will be graded on their overall performance in using a handgun for self defense. (PRE-REQUISITE: HANDGUN III or permission )  500rds Req.


Taught by the Valley Guns II cadre of NRA certified Personal Protection Instructors and offered at the Valley Guns II: Firearms Training Center in Bloomery WV, this course explores the use of handguns as a tool of self defense in the home. A detailed lecture on topics such as handgun types & selection, ammunition, situational awareness, levels of awareness, use of cover/concealment in the home, flashlight techniques,  911 calls and L.E. encounters, are covered.  A very detailed 1 hour long discussion of individual rights and WV law is discussed.  Following the lecture, students will take a written exam.  Range exercises will included Point of Contact engagements, multiple attacker engagements, use of cover, room to room transitions in the VGII:FTC modular shoot house. Engagements under low light/no light conditions.  The class will conclude with a certified shooting qualification.  All students who successfully pass the written exam and safely pass the shooting exercises will receive a NRA certificate of completion for 8 hours of training.                       (PRE-REQUISITE: BASIC HANDGUN OR EQUIVALENT)