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Handgun courses with a location listing of : Valley Guns II are taught Saturdays 9-4 & Sundays from 8 am until 3 pm at our indoor classroom/range in Inwood WV. We are offering 6 Basic Handgun classes to be taught on Saturdays this year beginning in January thru March.  Classes listed at the Valley Guns II: Firearms Training Center are taught from 9am til 4pm at our new outdoor training facility, Valley Guns II: Firearms Training Center, in Bloomery WV.  Basic Handgun I Classes from April-September will be taught outdoors at our Firearms Training Center.

Students may sign up in our store or register online. Classes labeled Basic Handgun I, Defensive Handgun I,  or Defensive Handgun II  qualify the student for a WV Concealed Carry Permit.  Defensive Handgun I has a prerequisite of Basic Handgun I  or equivalent training from a reputable instructor or school. You must take Def. Handgun II to take Def. Handgun III, Defensive Handgun IV will be offered in 2023.

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